Our 2016 logo – will it make onto the official event shirt?!?!

The 2016 Free Martial Arts Training Day was a huge success! Get on the mailing list to find out all about the 2017 event when we release details.

Dozens of martial arts sessions presented by New England’s top martial artists. When they’re not teaching, they’ll be training right along with you. Not only is that our hope, it’s a requirement of all instructors. No matter who they are!

Instructors on board represent numerous different arts – taekwondo, karate, jujitsu, European martial arts, aikido & more – tons of styles, lots of different things being brought to the table.

Revised Schedule Draft HERE

This is not a standard “karate camp.” We’re targeting everything we do to adults and older children. But, rather than decide what age is appropriate, we’re leaving it to you. All attendees should be able to be trusted on their own. For some youth, that’s 12. For some it’s older.